Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

September full moon




I've done a little bit of needlefelting before, but surface stuff,  not three dimensional, and I've always wanted a wee needlefelted fox, just love the colours. This has arrived for me to have a go with soon, looking forward to it immensely, hope I can do it justice. the label on it says for ages 10 - 110 lol


Blogoversary - 6 today!

My little old blog is 6 today!  Found one of my very first posts from the beginning of it all:

What I do..........
My aim is to live a long and happy life, living lightly on this earth; consuming less, creating more, just *being* more...........................
I am a married mother of two, living in the Blackmore Vale in Dorset, England. We live in a small rural village, and our house is an ongoing project, even after ten years here; the garden is much teh same - constantly changing according to whim and whimsy.................

I knit, cook, sew, bake, paint, draw, crochet, patchwork and quilt, brew, make, create, read, play the piano, think, garden, look after livestock, play an active part in the local community, take a general interest in the world around me, but on my terms.....................

I am interested in books, thinking, philosophy, spirituality, elementals, biodynamics, human rights, womens' issues, environmental issues, peace and justice.

I keep chickens, ducks, Muscovy ducks, bees and goats, and we have a dog. Two home educated children and a husband complete the scene.

I aim to post up what I do in my life, mainly at home, with pictures, poetry, quotes, all sorts.
Welcome to my world, I hope you feel inspired.................................
Not a lot has changed, but there have been significant changes over the years, not always told on Unbought  Delicacies, there's a lot going on behind the scenes, but that's as it should be. A great big thankyou to all my readers who have stuck with me and all my new ones too, ofcourse, your company is appreciated. here's to another 6 years of self-reliant and happy living, there's so much more to come :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I am


I am awake
I am whole
I am perfect...
I am divine
I am abundant
I am everlasting
I know my power
I know my perfection
I know the core of my being is holy
I am goddess
I love everything that is an expression of me
I am free
I am untameable
I am undefined
I am inexhaustible
I am spectacular
I am the Mighty Goddess
Leader of the Dance
I create life in my womb
All comes from me
All returns to me
I heal
And I destroy
I am wisdom
I am strength
I am courage
I am beauty
I am open
I am accessible
Come to me
If you wish to feel my presence
I am here
I always will be
The answer to the question is
I AM...Unknown..

Artist Mark Henson..

Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumn kitchen

Garden crumble ingredients, damson gin looking good, cauliflower cheese for supper, bay leaves drying by the Rayburn, first gallon of elderberry wine bubbling away and thick and woolly knitting on the go. Content.

Tears and steam trains, gardens and inspiration.........

Been a busy few days here again, but now getting ready for a quiet week to myself. Friday ws the usual morning stuff, then food shopping, visit to the tip which yielded a big fat ZERO of interesting-to-me stuff lol
Saturday, though, huge excitement! Up very early to get down to the south east of the county to catch a coach for an organised trip to the wonderful Charleston Farmhouse - country home of the Bloomsbury group. I've been a huge fan for many years now, following progress on the refurbishment of the house and gardens, and was lucky enough to get this chance to visit. No photography allowed inside the house (there are a lot of photos and info online with easy searching if you'd like to take a look), but there was too much to see and too much atmosphere to soak up to waste time in taking pictures. The guided tour was done by a lovely and knowledgeable lady called Penny.  I think some of the group would have got a lot more out of the visit if they had known more about the players of the group before the tour; there are so many complicated relationships and lots of names and dates to take in. I was lucky in that I knew a lot of those details, and was able to concentrate on the house itself - painted walls and doors, ceramic lampshades by Quentin Bell, decorated furniture and ofcourse, the wonderful textiles - all stitched by Ethel Grant, the mother of David Grant. The tour of the house took about an hour, and when Penny opened the door from the sitting room into the studio, the moment was magical, and took my breath away.....................
The rejuvenated garden takes the whole house and its environs to another dimension, and I fell in love with it. Done singlehandedly by one man, the atmosphere and general feel of the garden in beautiful; simple flowers, billowing climbers, towering sunflowers, ebullient veg beds, seed heads, ponds, statues.............  but all in a very understated and unostentatious way. Just adore it  I sat by the pond and knitted a bit whilst waiting for the coach to leave to take us to nearby Berwick Church with its painted murals by Vanessa and Clive Bell.
I took far too many photos to put up  here, but will leave you with a few. If you are interested, do some searching online, but be prepared to be ensnared and enchanted.............

Yesterday we said goodbye to both Bean and Shaun; Bean is off to start her third year at university (where did that time go?!), and her fiancée Shaun left by train to join the navy. There were tears, yes, and a lovely old steam train puffing and tooting while we waited for the parting. Mostly seen in a positive light, the next stages of their young lives.

As I said, a busy few days, and am glad of the peace of the kitchen and the ticking clock, the sound of autumn rain on the windows and the gathering gloom of the dying year, lightened by the memories of a summer well spent.