Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I am


I am awake
I am whole
I am perfect...
I am divine
I am abundant
I am everlasting
I know my power
I know my perfection
I know the core of my being is holy
I am goddess
I love everything that is an expression of me
I am free
I am untameable
I am undefined
I am inexhaustible
I am spectacular
I am the Mighty Goddess
Leader of the Dance
I create life in my womb
All comes from me
All returns to me
I heal
And I destroy
I am wisdom
I am strength
I am courage
I am beauty
I am open
I am accessible
Come to me
If you wish to feel my presence
I am here
I always will be
The answer to the question is
I AM...Unknown..

Artist Mark Henson..

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