Thursday, 18 December 2008

I have the cutest elf slippers to show you.........

.....but I can't until I get the grpahics card looked at; I think it's been shoogled out of position, so MrL needs to get the back off the computer and check it out for me. I found the pattern on the net and knitted them last night whilst I watched TV - River Cottage Christmas Special was on, very enjoyable too. What a contrast to the appalling Nigella travesty of a cookery programme I watched on Tuesday night lol I've also done two pairs of fingerless gloves for an order, so I'll show you them too soon, I hope.
Tonight we are off to see Bean pick up her award from college; we're not sure what it is or exactly what it's for yet, but no doubt we'll find out LOL. Should be a good evening.
Cold, dreary and wintry here today; got the cards finished off, and need to start wrapping some family presents soon, so I'm not all in a rush on Christmas Eve :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Friendship blanket

This is the lovely lap blanket I finished last night; the squares were knitted by my lovely ladies over at Creative Living Forum. A group of us got together and made squares for everyone. Each square was pressed and the ends sewn in, then crocheted around in green and red to even up theh sizes, although they were mostly very accurate. The whole was then edged in the red. I had a Christmas theme in mind all along, and I think it looks nice and festive to snuggle under with a small glass of something and a bit of knitting!

Anyone like a mince pie?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Couple of Christmassy photos

I like to decorate the front door too at Christmas, but try and have something other than a traditional holly wreath, just for something a bit different. This is this year's offering - a simple twig star with mistletoe, looks pretty.

Here's the mantlepiece in all its finery; I like the natural holly and ivy for here at this time of year, with plenty of candles - these are the recycled ones I posted about a wee while ago.

O sapientia

December 16th is known as O Sapientia (I read in my much loved Maypoles, Martyrs and Mayhem), after the anthem traditionally sung today. It heralds, apparently, the start of the Mince Pie Season (to everything there is a season..........LOL).

Listen to the Gregorian chant here:

Foundn thisi interesting, as had never heard of it before; lovely to listen to, albeit very short. Will therefore be making mince pies today :)

Chinese lanterns

These lanterns are one of my all time favourite decorations - I love the bright clear colours, the effect of a mass of them, the sheer pleaty crinkliness of them ! I have had a few old, secondhand ones I have found voer the years, but hey are quite tatty now, so I treated myself to a dozen new ones, and have put them up in the hall; they look lovely, and make me smile every time I catch sight of them.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas card 2008

This is my card for this year; I like simple ones, as I usually have quite a pile to make. Pleased with this one, just need to write them all now!