Tuesday, 16 December 2008

O sapientia

December 16th is known as O Sapientia (I read in my much loved Maypoles, Martyrs and Mayhem), after the anthem traditionally sung today. It heralds, apparently, the start of the Mince Pie Season (to everything there is a season..........LOL).

Listen to the Gregorian chant here:


Foundn thisi interesting, as had never heard of it before; lovely to listen to, albeit very short. Will therefore be making mince pies today :)


lizziedripping said...

Dear MrsL,
I have just received the beautiful quilt from last months giveaway and I want to thank you, it is SO gorgous! I wish my quilting was half as neat!! I will definatly be snuggling up later with it on my lap and a mince pie to hand!! Thank you. While I am here can I ask you roughly how long do you leave your cottage cider after straining? Mine is beautifully clear and appley but seems very young.
With warm wishes this yule,


MrsL said...

Ah, glad it arrived safely, and even gladder that you like it! You're very welcome. :)

I strain the cider from the bucket into a demi-john and leave it to settle for a few weeks, then siphon or pour it, either into another demi-john or individual bottles. This can be drunk young, in a couple of months or so; but go easy, it's quite deceptively strong! It makes an excellent apply mulled cider at this time of year too. I'm doing more today, I still have half an apple mountain by the back door! LOL