Thursday, 18 December 2008

I have the cutest elf slippers to show you.........

.....but I can't until I get the grpahics card looked at; I think it's been shoogled out of position, so MrL needs to get the back off the computer and check it out for me. I found the pattern on the net and knitted them last night whilst I watched TV - River Cottage Christmas Special was on, very enjoyable too. What a contrast to the appalling Nigella travesty of a cookery programme I watched on Tuesday night lol I've also done two pairs of fingerless gloves for an order, so I'll show you them too soon, I hope.
Tonight we are off to see Bean pick up her award from college; we're not sure what it is or exactly what it's for yet, but no doubt we'll find out LOL. Should be a good evening.
Cold, dreary and wintry here today; got the cards finished off, and need to start wrapping some family presents soon, so I'm not all in a rush on Christmas Eve :)


Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Hello Mrs.L,
You are a runner-up in The T-Cozy's giveaway!!! Please email me with your address so that I may send you your little tin of Jingle Blend tea. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
Warm regards,

allybea said...

Totally agree re Nigella. I watch her for entertainment value rather than suggestions for actual cooking. HFW was just wonderful.

Hope you can post photos again soon.