Thursday, 7 February 2008

More excitements

I noticed a big white delivery van outside, so took a look as I'm expecting a couple of mattresses tob e delivered soon. Phone rang, it was the man in the van wondering where I was, and in which house - I said look out your window and you'll see me waving. He laughed, then delivered by long-awaited seed potato order rather than the mattresses :0) Will post about them on Garden in the Vale. EJ's emo duvet covers arrived too, so the house is covered in stuff needing things done to it. Again. Ah well, tea first :0)

Here's the postcard I was sent..............


kathyann said...

My word could this child get any more clothes on!Great postcard though!
Am I being a little presumtuous,I have bought some seed potatoes in the hope that we'll have a house with a garden before they need to go in the ground!!!!!!
I'm getting itchy fingers ,I need to be gardening!!!!love from Kathyann and the girls

MrsL said...
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MrsL said...

Sorry, that was me^^^^^ :0)

You can always plant your potatoes in tubs/big pots/buckets with drainage holes in/double layer of binliners/wooden crates/strong cardboard boxes, etc. I've ordered so many I might have to take my own advice there!