Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bomb-proof strawberry jam

It's that time of year again :)  My kitchen is smelling gorgeously of cooking strawberries, so I thought I'd share my recipe with you again, it never fails, and is very easy.

4 lbs strawberries
3 1/2  lbs granulated sugar
6 tbsp. lemon juice

Hull the berries, cutting the larger ones into pieces and leaving the smallest whole.  Place all ingredients in jam pan and set on a lowish heat, leave until sugar is completely dissolved (if not dissolved, the jam will crystalise around the top on storage). When all is dissolved, up the heat and keep at a good rolling boil until setting point is reached, remove from heat, leave to settle for 5 minutes, then pot into hot, clean jars, cover with a clean cloth and leave until cold. Cover and label, store in a cool, dry place.

ps sorry for lack of pictures, am trying to work out how to retrieve and re-size them with Windows8 - I won't be defeated lol

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