Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Simple home pleasures.............

Have I missed them!

- my son
- peeling potatoes
-sleeping in my own bed
- decent cup of tea
-stewing rhubarb
-tea and nattering with good friend in the afternoon
- picking up the mail in the porch
- my Rayburn
- plants arriving for the upand coming garden frenzy catch-up
- sounds and smells of my animals
- chopping cabbagefor the goats
-only hearing the hum of the fridge and the tickof the clock in an otherwise silent house
-having my candle lit on the kitchen table
- getting back to blogging

My lovely friend bought me a present,isn't it beautiful?



Carol Dent said...

Good to hear you are really on the mend. It's amazing to think how virulent a virus can be. Enjoy getting back home!

Kadeeae said...

So glad you're home, thoroughly enjoyed your FB commentary... ALL of it ;) Enjoy your simple pleasures, they truly are the best aren't they?