Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Capers, mousemelons and bumblebee bushbeans.............

Those of you who know me know that one of my favourite jobs is sorting through my seeds; the ravages of damp and mice had taken their toll on my seed basket, carelessly left in one of the greenhouses at the end of the summer:

Interestingly, they had eaten a couple of packets of chilli seeds- rather them than me.Seeds packed in the wee foil inner envelopes were mainly intact, they went for the beans,sunflower seeds andsome of the peas.Didn't touch the zinnias:)  A pleasant hour with my feet up was spent sorting,cleaning up and throwing away chewed pakets.When done, I straightened out the reminder as best I could and added in all the new seeds bought over winter - lots of American heirloom seeds and various other unusual stuff I found online - thankfully stored in a drawer in the house - hence the title of the post. The basket was well washed and now is how it should be:
It looks a bit tatty,but I'm very glad I managed to save the majority of them. A lot of things will be later to get going in the garden this year, but with the cold start to the main growing season, this might not be a bad thing. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty and snoozing in the greenhouse again:)

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Quilting Cat said...

An interestng selection of seeds there, hope the all come to fruition. I have just put a small bench in my greenhouse so I can have a breather, although not so cold I feel it is far to windy to put young tender plants out yet. Good luck with your planting.