Tuesday, 4 February 2014


It's been a few days since I posted, things have been really busy in lots of ways. The irony of arranging a wedding and a divorce at the same time has not escaped me.  My days have been filled with flowers, catering, bars and choosing which furniture to take with me. I have mountains of paperwork to get through, and really can't take my eye of the ball for a minute. Tomorrow morning will be taken up with photocopying forms and things.  I am hoping the weather will improve soon, as there are a  lot of plants I want to get up and into pots for taking with me. Sadly the awful weather has meant I've inevitably lost quite a few of them, just drowned their roots in the sodden clay soil.  They can be replaced, but it still saddens me.  I have amassed a good basket of seeds to take with me, and am looking forward to starting a new garden wherever I end up.  I have bought a pile of notebooks - to note down ideas, put in pictures, all sorts, for garden, home, cooking, clothes, all ideas for my future.  I know deep down it's an exciting time, but if I dwell on the detail too much and too long I start too feel swamped by the enormity of it all. I will get there though,  have never been so sure of anything in my life. Onwards and upwards  :)



Mum said...

Good luck with all your hopes and dreams.
Love from Mum

Tim & Nicky Jarman said...

I got divorced around 10 years ago, met my soul mate a few years later and now I have never been happier.
You will get though it and being mature, you now know what you want and what you have to give to life.
Nicky (Piggyphile)