Monday, 18 June 2012

Serious de-stashing required

Oh dear. I went up to the cabin yesterday afternoon to find something I needed; I was able to go straight to it as I remembered which crate it was in, but when I'd found it I spent a wee while looking through some stuff up there. Have now decided I need to use up what I have - apart from anything else, it will make room for more! lol So, I've decided whent he time comes to just go up to the cabin, take thefirst wool/fleece/fibre/paper/fabric that catches my eye and bring it down and make it into something - either for me, a present or for the shop.  I don't hoard wool etc I don't use, or will never use, just for the sake of it. As well as being a serious knitter, I also run a knitting/craft business, so yaboo to those who say I'll never get through it and why keep so much!!  It's my stock in trade and I love it.
I'll put up a new page on my knitting blog I think for all the stash-busting projects I do, and I might also make a new spinning only page.................... so many possibilites.  My net is well organised, unlike my life lol

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