Thursday, 21 June 2012

Silly o'clock on e-bay.........

Stayed up to watch this and bid on it - not the bestof pictures, but you'll get an idea and hopefully realise why I was so excited to win it!

It's a huge box of vintage 1940s/50s tapestry wool,labelled and in its original box; not only that, it's from Dumfries, my old home town - would be rude not to! I won the auction at just £19.  Just look at all the colours in there......... I doubt I will use it for actual tapestry, but this sort of thing is so versatile, and being pure wool will full/felt too, so endless possibilities. Also, endless possibilities for stripey things lol
Really thrilled with this - right place and right time :)


Sue xx said...

:D I can't see it lol Now you'll have to drive up there and collect yourself!
Sweet dreams

thriftwizard said...

Ooooh - nice find!