Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday morning visitor

We were lucky enough to get another of our occasional visits from a lesser spotted woodpecker this morning; I got a good close look as I keep my bins on the draining board - the feeders are on the snake bark maple just outside the kitchen window, so I got a good look this morning.
What a lovely creature, I'm honoured when he comes into the garden. Hoping to see the babies next year too, as they nest not far away from here I'm told.
I don't lay claim to the photo, it's from the Guardian website. I'd rather spend the fleeting moments watching than trying to find my camera and take a photo.

Made me laugh with my typos, though; it first appeared as a Lesser Spooted doubt it will forever be known thus in the Deanery! lol

Anyone else get woodpeckers as visitors?


Anonymous said...

better than a
wesser looted Sodpecker!!
We love typos (we ake them wall the tome !)

but we do love your site - even if the seasons are all wrong (we're in NZ) - keep it up !!

J & G

MrsL said...

Thnakyou J & G, but maybe it's your seasons that are all wrong ;) LOL. Makes for interesting reading around the net, though, having access to what's going on around the world - a real eye opener!