Monday, 4 August 2008

Life is good.........

Another Monday - dawned bright and beautiful; want to get outside shortly and get some things doen in the vegetable garden. Lots going on out there, lots to do! Still picking the sweet peas, which is lovely - still have their scent by the sink when I wash up.

Big investment here on Saturday - we got out new woodburning stove; it's not installed yet, but will be by the winter. Not only made in england, but here in Dorset, in Bridport. It takes up to 18" logs and has a designated hotplate at the front (one of the conditions of giving up my much-loved open fire was to have a hotplate on the woodburner). This will be good for late night tea etc once theh Rayburn is banked up for the night - we have no electric kettle here. It's plenty big enough for the sitting room, so should help this winter. Bonus was getting 155 pounds off the RRP :)

Another non-electric bargain was the beautiful big solid brass oil lamp - about 30p from teh tip; a big, solid lamp, on a good base, making it very stable. The cap where the oil goes in needs attention, as it is stuck fast, but should be fairly easy to free up. I really must get on and find out about alternative oils to use i them - project for this week, I think.

We arrived home on Saturday to find a jumble sale on in the village hall - nearly missed that one:0 Came home with some useful bits - one old Kilner jar to add to the collection; a few books, one for MrL, a very old car/engine book which he was delighted with, a couple of pairs of jeans for EJ, and a pile of blue skirts to be made into a peg loom rug for the hall.

Got some spinning done yesterday too, but have decided I'm not keen on the drum carder - I think the hand carders give a more thorough job, but takes longer. Good thing is, I can find the time, so the drum will be stored away and returned to my friend from whom it was borrowed. I'm such a Luddite, hahaha :)


Pixiedust said...

Hi Mrsl, I'd be interested to know what oils you can burn in those lamps. I'm on the lookout for one.

Lovely veg by the way. I had my first feed of runner beans from the garden today. They were lovely.

MrsL said...

Will be posting soon about adventures in veg oil burning; wicks could be problematical though.