Thursday, 31 July 2008

Transition Forum!

I believe that Creative Living forum is the first Transition Forum:

It's an idea I've been mulling over for a while now; I see the forum as an online community; we are very widely spread, a lot of us living in rural, isolated places, in amongst folks who may not think like us. So, today, I launched the Transition Forum part of Creative Living - how we, as an online community can face head on teh challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. Will post up here as to how we go, am quite excited about it.


hen said...

That's just fabulous!!!!!

love hen

Leanne said...

ditto! :-)

Leanne x

Greentwinsmummy said...

What a goo didea! :o) Something I have been thinking about since Mara did her offline experiment,is whether to do that but in a smaller way,I am not as brave as Mara & would feel quite lonesome to go a whole month but it does appeal to me to have computer free days which then the aim(hard to always follow thru hen young smalls are present!)would be to work on a non electric project, so either knitting or sewing(I have a hand machine)gardening etc

Just thinking outloud here,maybe its something we could incorporate into the forum Transition bit?Folks commit to not being online for a certain time or day or whatever they wish & then can post up how their project goes?

Kind of flies in the face of a forum lol but CL is a unique forum & I think it might sit well on there

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

The new forum's a great idea and it's sure we all need somewhere where we can talk about all the difficulties and emotional stuff which we're facing as cheap oil comes to an end.

Greentwinsmummy - your point about the balance between getting on with real life and using the internet to share what you're doing is so relevant. It's something that I have to work at all the time.

Even though we've got "free" electricity, I still need to discipline myself to switch the bloomin' computer off and get on with something that needs doing!!