Monday, 28 July 2008

Sunday breakfast

Once or twice a year we put out the Rayburn to give it a thorough clean out; this time coincided with some very hot weather, so we left it off from Friday until last night. As a result, we've been living on bread and chese and salad, but had a cooked Sunday breakfast as usual, only outdoors. Home cured bacon and duck eggs , the eggs only haveing travelled about 10 yards down the garden into the frying pan! Look at the size of the yolks............:0 We boiled water for coffee in the storm kettle, which I love. Brilliant breakfast, sat out at the table by teh fire pit in the early morning - birds, bees, butteflies, clucking hens and quacking ducks, nosey goats, blue sky and sunshine.


Pixiedust said...

Oh that seems Idyllic. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday Morning.

Libbys Blog said...

WOW! You run your Rayburn full time!!!!!!! We would expire if we ran ours, plus we would waste even more water than we do already, we currently, when its running, run off one tank of pure boiling water a day!!!

MrsL said...

We have 2 adults here, and two almost adults, so get through a fair amount of hot water. The Rayburn is my only source for cooking; we have an electric immersion heater for emergencies/extra baths, and teh Rayburn and a small open fire is the only heating downstairs, with only two small electric ehaters in two of the bedrooms for the "children", teh almost adults.
The kitchen does get hot in the summer, especially when jam making, chutney, etc, but I can open the front windows and tha top half of the back door. I don't think I could have anything else now, although we are going over to more wood this winter.