Monday, 28 July 2008

Too hot for gardening

We've had a spell of very hot weather recently, and by about 10.30 am it's too hot for me to do much outside, so I just water the greenhouses and that's it, apart from picking what's ready. So, today, it was cooler to work in the kitchen, so got lots done; batch of sausage meat maturing ready for sausage making tomorrow; honeysuckle wine in the demi-john; calendula scones and a butter sponge baked; Provencal chicken liver pate made; bottled 1 quart of cherries and 1 1/2 quarts of pineapple ready for processing tomorrow;made and cooked a rabbit casserole with medlar jelly and mustard; started off a batch of mustard; did some washing; de-cluttered the table. I also sorted through a huge bunch of lavender I foraged (with permission ;)) from a friend's garden. It's now strung up to dry, tied with red wool. I like to use the red as a nice contrast - it might as well look pretty as it dries........I'll be using it for some new lavender bags for the wardrobe and trying out some weaving and new recipes I hope.


Libbys Blog said...

I really must have a go at sausage making, I presume I would need a 'gadget'?
Honeysuckle wine, sounds interesting! Calandula scones, defo have to give them a go! Medlar jelly, so scrummy, really must find someone who has a medlar tree!

MrsL said...

You can make sausages successfully without casings - just make the meat into sausage shapes and fry or grill; or you can stuff teh casings with the end of a wooden spoon. My gadget is a bit liek a mastic gun, and came from Lakeland, via LETS, but is quite old. Not sure if Lakeland still do them might be worth a look. I'll shout if I come across one and let you know!
Honeysuckle wine is just the flowers - the berries are poisonous. will put the recipe up.