Thursday, 31 May 2012

My little bit of Shetland

If I can't get to Shetland quite yet, there are a lot of things I can be getting on with meantime. Yes, a bit of whimsy perhaps, but good and useful fun, and not out of place in the way I live. I am determined to get Shetland hens and breed from them, likewise Shetland ducks. You never know, one day I might have room for ponies,  cattle and sheep too, all distinctive Shetland breeds thereof. I grow Shetland Black potatoes and am starting off Shetland Kale; I have discovered there are other tatties I can grow too I hope, and will get hold of some bere (barley) and aits (oats); I spin Shetland wool and knit/weave with it; I have dozens of crofting books/Shetland books; next step is to subscribe to the Shetland Times; I have the esate agents all bookmarked too. It's like a working storyboard/wishlist/throw it out to the universe type thing for me - I do what I can in the fields I'm interested in to keep the dreams alive. One day :)

Shetland duckling

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Down by the sea said...

We dream of moving to Devon and do the same as you bookmarking estate agents and dreaming - hopefully one day it will happen! In the meantime I will enjoy the great county of Dorset and all it has to offer us.
We are off to visit the Highlands of Scotland and Skye in a few weeks time, we have only been to Scotland once before and only got as far as Edinburgh.