Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to get what you want

Found this:

Focus on what you want - get crystal clear about what it is. Picture the end result you desire with as much detail as possible. The clear vision will pull you forward. Don't worry about not getting it, as that puts your attention on what you don’t want.

Amp up belief - two factors in getting what you want are the desire and the belief it’s possible. Amp up the believability by revealing limiting beliefs holding you back (becoming aware loosens their power), and reviewing the reasons you believe you can have what you want.

Commit to it – the Universe responds to commitment and confidence. Don’t wonder if you’ll ever get what you’re asking for; know it is yours simply because you choose it. You are worthy of whatever you choose, so embrace it with confidence!

Take inspired action – forget what you think you “should” be doing. Listen to your intuition, pay attention to hunches and gut feelings. Then follow up on those intuitive hits with inspired action. Take action that feels good!

Appreciate the evidence – look for the first signs that your desire is manifesting, and flow appreciation for evidence that it’s on the way. Gratitude for the small stuff will usher in your big miracle that much faster.

Feel good - be deliberate about maintaining a high vibration. That means getting good at feeling good, day in and day out. Eliminate life tolerations regularly.

Release attachment - reduce resistance and increase allowing by releasing your attachment to the outcome. Go with the flow, knowing everything is unfolding perfectly. What you resist, persists – so let go of struggle and let it be easy.

(From: http://top7business.com/?Top-7-Tips-to-Get-What-You-Want&id=1532)
Exactly what was needed for me to read right now; things are difficult here, so this has given me a wee boost. Continue to watch this space.


Lindjemp said...

Thank you for posting that - I am having problems learning to drive and I read through it and am going to give it a go - came at exactly the right time!

Anonymous said...

Life eh?
I often wonder, just what wondrous things we could achieve, if day to day day *life* didn't get in the way...
alice in orkney