Friday, 23 September 2011

Mabon blessing

At this time of equal light and dark,
And of ingathering,
May you find balance and abundance in your life
And wish some of your good fortune upon others.
Blessings to you

The wheel of the year turns, and I find myself at Mabon again; in  a very few ways, no further forward in achieving what I want and need, but in so many more ways I have travelled a long journey so far and come out where I am, which is where I need to be. No regrets, just lessons learned.
Mabon - the feast of the ingathering; autumnal equinox, or harvest home. Light and dark are of equal length before the seasonal descent into darkness as we head for winter and darkness, the final festival of the harvest season. I am leaving the busyness of summer behind, and starting to slow down in readiness for the coming winter, look back on the season gone, summer is over.
It's a crisp and chilly autumn day here in the Vale, timely for my own harvest festival to thank the Goddess for supplying food to last the winter out in the ways I choose to preserve and  keep it.


B'ham said...

Wishing you a Happy Mabon !!

Leanne said...

blessings from me, x x

Miss Sandra said...

Happy Mabon! xo
Blissful tidings,