Thursday, 9 January 2014


I have treated myself to a lovely new diary, hoping to get to grips with using it properly; not so much of a record/journal type diary, but for what is up and coming and so I don't miss things. All part of my grand plan to Get Properly Organised. It's from Earth Pathways, is beautifully illustrated on the outside and on the inside, with handwritten dates on the pages, inspirational quotes, beautiful illustrations - all in all a book of pure gorgeousness which will be a pleasure to use and read over the coming year.  Do you use/keep a diary?



Graham H Miller said...

We've become dependant on Dodo Pads for several years now. Makes organising a big family with a complicated schedule a bit easier!

Hannah B said...

I bought my first Earth Pathways diary last year and ordered one for this year as soon as I could (the date is somewhere in there).
There is so much in it - it is a work of love and a work of art and so much more than a diary to me. I especially love the fact that Glennie Kindred is involved with it, and also that they encourage contributions from all, a dear friend of mine had a poem in the 2012 edition.

ps, Graham, I 'discovered' Dodo pads at the end of last year and bought one for my niece, she loves it.