Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The perfect book...........

...............I have found it. In Oxfam, for 2.49, the perfect book, or the most perfect book I have read so far. It has it all for me - Italy, Tuscany in particular, food, recipes, seasonal treats, deep, insightful writing on life and love, ongoing love stories, passion, beautiful writing..............

A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marlena de Blasi. Some memorable quotes from the book:

"There's and emptiness that comes with plenty"

"........because simplicity is the last thing a person considers as he's madly searching for the secret to life. Mathilde and Gerard had so much because they had so little"

"... love her the way *she* needs to be loved, which may not be at all theh same way *you* need to love *her*"

"I think I'm learning how to live gracefully in need as well as in abundance"

"Prescribed holidays seem a sham to me. I'd rather have a dose of celebrating in each day, some small recognition of the miracles contained in it. The grand spectacles put me off. They end. And when they do, one often feels whittled down rather than refreshed by them. I like my daily life enough so that I'd rather live it even on Christmas"

"This is what I wanted to do and how I wanted to be"

"I wanted death to find me dancing"

I smiled, I sighed, I wept, I saw the food and smelled its scents all through this book, never read a book like it.

Read it now.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

gosh it sounds wondeful!