Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sometimes you really need a scone.........

All this talk of jam gave me a scone hankering ! lol I always make mine the same way, simple, quick and cheap. The trick with scones is a light hand and a fast oven.

1lb self raising flour
4oz butter
buttermilk, sour milk  or milk to mix

Cut butter into flour with a knife, then rub in lightly.

Mix to a soft dough with milk, bring together with hands, roll out and  stamp into rounds, or squares, or one big round cut across into triangles. 
Place on baking tray and bake in a really hot oven for about ten minutes until risen and golden, cool on wire rack

Split open and serve with good butter and jam (homemade, ofcourse ;)  )

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mrsnesbitt said...

I tried something different with my scones and used natural yoghurt! Awesome!!! mmmmmmmmmmm am hungry now! lol!