Saturday, 16 July 2011

Putting it out to the universe..............

I get a lot of my more useful thinking done in bed - usually in the morning, but the other night I was laying there thinking about beds - I will need some sort of sleeping arrangement in the cabin. I want nothing fancy, but it has to be comfy, sturdy and have some sort of storage buit in underneath. I'd like it more bedlike that 'sleeping platform'. It will be wood, so I thought a headboard would be good, and I like the beds with pine slats. Then I need to build a frame of some sort and fit it all together. I'll have my stash of blankets I'm making ofcourse, and a patchwork quilt, my vintage Paisley patterned eiderdown, and I'll be making a winter duvet from sheep's fleece ( I have a lot stashed away, needless to say lol), and a pillow of some sort. So - that's sorted then, where to get the bits from?
Went off down to the tip this morning to take the cardboard recycling from the community shop here ( lots of  unfulfilled promises to take it, so I said I would) and lo and behold - roll of good quality sturdy pine slats, the ones with strong webbing tape to hold them together and a very, very nice pine headboard with a sunflower on it.......... £3. Sorted.
ZZZzzzzzzzzz ing  synchronicity!

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