Sunday, 4 September 2011

Small treats

Not often I succumb to temptation, but I treated myself to these on Friday:
A new shop has opened in town Butterfly Bright - they sell beads, fabric, haberdashery, all very nice and pretty stuff, so I gave in and bought the four fat quarters above, and the packet contains tiny wee green buttons which I just couldn't resist. Not got anything in mind really for them or the fabric, but sometimes it's so nice to just have a little treat all to yourself , isn't it?


mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! These are the colours of my new kitchen - when we ordered the new rayburn in aqua I had no idea it would be the in-colour what with all the Cath Kitson themed stuff EVERYWHERE!!!!! Mugs, canisters, place mate you name it I am buying the bargains.

Ali Nurts said...

Hi, i just noticed that we have had loads of visits to our website leading from your blog! Thanks for the mention and glad you liked what we had to offer,hope to see you again soon.
Kind regards
Butterfly Bright