Monday, 17 December 2007

"Life machines"

"Life machines" - what on earth is all that about, then? I have seen this written on several forums, where (usually) women write about their "life machines" having been switched on; by this they seem to mean their bread machines, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. I use a washing machine, but that is about the only electric thing I have in this vein. I know it's each to their own, but I find it very sad that people can't find time to make bread by hand, wash dishes (using nice things to do the job - handknitted cloths, good washing up liquid and nice brushes, pretty tea-towels). OK, so maybe a lot of people think they don't have time to do these things, but I really wish they would have a go , at least sometimes. The satisfaction got from breadmaking, contemplative dish washing etc is good for my soul, and a big part of my interest in the slow living movement. Maybe it's just different priorities I have?


Mara Luna said...

Hello :) This is Mara; I just joined the Creative Living forum and followed the link in your post here. :)

I've never heard the expression "life machine" before! We have a washing machine and yes also a breadmaker. I used to love making bread by hand but I don't eat it now so my husband has the machine to do its magic while he's at work. Funnily enough I was thinking about doing some by hand, nothing beats the peace of kneading dough. Apart from a calming bout of washing up of course! I love our tea towels - we buy one or two wherever we go on holiday and I love choosing which one to use in the evening. :)

I love the expression "slow living"; this is what I aspire to. :)

Mara :)

dottyspots said...

I followed the link through from Downsizer :0) I've not heard the term 'life machine' either.

I do rather like gadgets, but I suppose have very few by most people's standards. I do own a bread machine and will use it to make dough, but I don't bake bread in it, they don't make a practical loaf in my experience, they're always tall, which is a bit useless when there's 6 to feed, what we need is long :0)

I will also make my own dough, especially with my daughter, but it does cut into knitting time ;0)

I occasionally use the food-processor, but really just for liquidising soup, I find it much easier to chop stuff with a knife and most of the jobs the food processor does I can do with less washing up by hand.

A washing machine is a must really with dirty nappies, I just don't fancy hand-washing them ;0)

Aside from a sandwich toaster, that's it on the electrical appliances front (oh, I forgot the vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner and iron - but actually I often use a broom in the day and I find floor-mopping quite therapeutic, which is a good job with 4 children and a very messy dog).

I don't often wash up as it is the job of my two older children, although I do bits and pieces throughout the day.

But then I am at home, so perhaps the time such things take is less of an issue (except for it using up time I could knit with ;0)

kathyann said...

We love making bread and buns by hand.The girls all love to bake and make fresh bread,buns and teacakes,but then we also like to bake and make jams,chutneys etc oh and the odd gallon of wine at least you know whats gone into it and its a very relaxing pastime.we used to have a dishwasher ,but we got rid of it and do the pots by hand.If there are only a few bits of washing and its a good drying day I will do them by hand.I also sweep and mop the kichen floor,with 3 dogs going in and out it needs to be kept on top of especially on wet days!I have a pan I use to boil my tea towels in once a week with a bit of soap powder it realy gets them clean and after a good rinse and wring out a blow on the line they smell so much fresher!Its just the counrty girl in me!Best wishes and happy from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins