Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Can't see the dignity in this..........

Poor chickens. There's a lot currently about due to HFW and Jamie Oliver's programmes, and I found this on the net.

It is inded commendable to help ex-battery hens, yes, but with proper care *suited to chickens*, they can cope quite well and in a much more dignified way than this, I am sure. Penguin jumpers are slightly different - in that they help to absorb any oil left in the feathers - in my view. Give hens the right care and attention - good warm housing out of draughts, decent food, other chickens for company, fresh water and food, room to roam/move around in - and they will soon be on teh road to recovery without having to resort to this.

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Mara Luna said...

I'm in two minds. If it gives a little short-term comfort during the cold months until they are in better plumage then I feel that it's acceptable, if a little silly looking.