Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Coal dust briquettes

OH makes these for burning on the open fire and the Rayburn - good way to use up all the loose coal dust from the bunker. Make a mix of 80% coaldust and 20% cement, with a little water to almost bind, mix well and pack into cardboard tubes = almost free fuel. They burn well, and he assures me theya re safe, but I'm not sure about the earth friendliness of the cement. It works though.


kathyann said...

These days its a case of you use what you can to stay warm and if possible try to go about it in a green way,if you can!Leanne(Sommerset Seasons) makes logs from newspapers in a contraption that I have not seen before but does the same job!
Love from Kathy and the girls

MrsL said...

I've got one of those, and we make the paper logs here too, both for the Rayburn and the open fire; they burn well, and are free, and recycling the old newspapers I can't use elsewhere, eg in the garden. Teh newspapers make a real mess of the white china sink though!!

Catriona said...

Thank you for the visual's true what they say about believing. Just a question ....would the cement not have a tendency to spark of explode itself....?