Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Making the most of it..............

These are the first big dahlias I have managed to grow that haven't been slugged! I think they're rather gorgeous...........:0)

The above is my new brewing book, which arrived eysterday; a quick look through shows it to be very promising - lots of info on growing and processing grains on a small scale for home brewing, also info on brewing adjuncts - herbs and flowers to add to beers, etc, soem recipes, lots to read. I think it will prove to be a well thumbed book here.

So, today; weather outside seems to be going to be variable to say the least, so as the title of the post, I will make the most of it. Not raining - doing things outside; raining - doing things inside. Easy. I never complain about the weather much, as there's no pint - no-one can do anything about it, so adap to itand don't let it rule your life. Havingsaidthat, I might view it differently if I lived on Shetland, or in a very wet Welsh valley, but for the moment, that's my take on the weather.

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