Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The sawmill

We occasionally have to go out and buy various bits of wood for various projects; this happened on Friday last - MrL needed some posts for the new extension to the wood shed, to house more logs for the winter, so we tootled off up to the sawmill. This is always a treat for me. It is in the most wonderful location, perched right on the top of Bulbarrow hill, set in amongst its own woodland - birds, wild flowers and peace (until the saws start running, ofcourse!) The staff are lovely - helpful, polite, interested - and the owner does a lot for local charity too. On Friday, we were priveleged to meet the resident peacock too! I talked to him about woodchips for when I hopefully get my smoker built, and he's happy to supply me with oak chips and sawdust at good prices.

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