Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Drum carding

Back on the spinning wheel this afternoon, spinning up some white North Rondaldsay I bought from e-bay. Bit disappointed, as the quality of the fleece wasn't wonderful, even if it was only 200g. I spun a couple of small skeins, now drying. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but something suitably Scottish would seem appropriate. Spinning affords copious amounts of thinking time, this afternoon thinking I really need to get to grips with the drum carder if I'm to have any chance at all of getting through the fleece mountain here LOL. I then went on to alpaca, which I'm not keen on, but in amongst searching for "tips on spinnning alpaca" (irritatingly few and far between :) ), I found this you tube on drum carding - great fun, and very informative. Seems I was doing it right all along, but probably just need more practice. Will dodge up the garden tomorrow and liberate the carder and get it going, I think.
Btw, it's great being able to watch you tube videos, our old computer ran far too slowly to get any sense out of them at all!

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