Monday, 26 January 2009

How to turn a collar

Quite often with men's shirts, the collar will wear through before the body of the shirt. I turn the collars on MrL's shirts, and usually get at least another year or so out of them, office, work and casual shirts.

Carefully undo the seaming where the collar is sewn into the neck.

Turn it over, ready to be reinserted into the opening made when you removed it

Pop it back in, and pin in place, through all thicknesses

Tack securely in place ready for sewing, remove the pins

Sew securely, remove tacking, and press well.

"New" collar, ready to go


MelMel said...

Just popping by to say hi!x

MrsL said...

Hello MelMel - hope things are good with you and yours!

LynnS said...

Oh, this is a fantastic tip!

There is just one tiny problem, though.....I love my husband's plaid shirts and love to cut them up for my quilts. If I turn his collars for another year of wear, then I have just postponed my fabric-harvest of his lovely plaid fabrics!

Loose Ends said...

Very good tutorial Mrs L.
But I'm with LynnS on this one!!;-)
Been known to hug male relatives just to check the label on their collar for that 100% cotton label!!
PS...I like the colour of that shirt! ;-)

MrsL said...

Sorry Loose Ends - it's gonna be mine, all mine...........LOL

(When he's finished with it, maybe )