Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Brick oven project

Well, happy to report that the brick oven project seems to be gathering momentum! MrL only slightly twitchy about it, but I did sy I would ask forhelp if I needed it. I have now earmarked the ideal space for it, on the other side of the path from the fire pit. I'm hoping the smoker will fit in beside it eventaully too, but the oven will come first (unless the bits for the smoker present themselves before then!) The area at the oment is just used for piling up "stuff to burn", so not much clearing needed, apart from the Bouncing Bet (saponaria), then getting the ground level. The book above is the one I'm being guided by, and I've just ordered another one from Amazon to give another perspective. It will look vaguely like the one in the photo above, but slightly different. Very simple, with a close fitting wooden door, and an arched space beside for storing the wood.More anon, but it looks like it's going to happen. I need to go off and find out about levelling ground now................

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