Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Quote from Perch Hill

One of the books I'm reading at the moment is Perch Hill, by Adam Nicolson - the story of how he and Sarah Raven found and bought Perch Hill in Sussex. I found this quote very close to my heart:

"....if we were honest, that we should have waited to buy a place with more beautiful buildings but there we were, we couldn't say that now. This would be lovely in the slow unnoticed growth of the place around us. Forty years later, as we died, we would look at it and say "that was beautiful". Life would be over, having been lived. The moments of revelation are all there is. This is all there is. This will be the undernote of my life: the making with a purpose, not the drifting of a survivor.Make, and you will be happy"


Leanne said...

what a great quote, he has very wise words there.

leanne x

Carolemc said...

Lovely quote - one I'd agree with. Reminds me of Henry David Thoreau...its a great book too. Though I'm a bit confused as to where they are living now following the series about Sisinghurst which suggested they were living there???


MrsL said...

Yes, they're at Sissinghurst now, causing mayhem with the National Trust from the small bit I was able to bear on the television LOL.

Vita Sackville West was Adam Micolson's grandmother.