Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Preserving jars

I have a lot of rpeserving jars of various sorts, but these two are my favourites out of all of them. I found them at the Steam Fair at the weekend, for only £1 each, complete with rubber rings in good condition. The make is Holmgaard, which is Danish I believe. There is a circle with an arrow on the back, but I need to try and find out what this signifies. The clips are in reasonable condition, still usable. They are just nice things to hold - very straight, utilitarian, no-nonsense jars.
The only jars in my collection I have bought new were half a dozen Le Parfait jars from France, when a friend brought some back for me, but I ended up bartering for them, so didn;t actually pay in money! The rest I have acquired over the years - from people's sheds, jars their older realtions no longer wanted and neither did they, the tip, boot sales, jumble sales, etc. I have a selection of makes - Kilner, le Parfait and others. Some of the Kilners are quite old, and sit nicely in your hand as you're working with them; I find the new ones a bit chunky/clunky, but they're still useful. I have found a supplier online for lids for the old, narrow necked ones. These have integrated rubber seals, and pop when the seal is activated - very easy to use. My favourite is the traditional three piece top - glass or metal disc with rubber ring and screw on band in metal; I'm not keen on the bright orange plastic screw tops at all.
Most of the jars are full now, which is good for the coming winter - bottled fruit, tomatoes, jams, etc. I still have a boxful waiting to be washed out and tops sorted for them, so hope to get them done this week ready for the apples coming in. It's lovely to have your own fast food ready for heating up or cooking - the ultimate in food storage - no energy to store it, reusable jars that last for years with care, easily got secondhand, full of good food. Another bonus is you don't have to remember to get it out of the freezer to defrost in time for supper! :)

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