Monday, 9 November 2009

How cold is it?

Cold enough for me to wear my old fleece top and scruffy old earflap hat when I went up to the beasties this morning.

Cold enough to warrant filling a hot water bottle tonight.

Cold enough to get the winter curtains up - at last, should have been done by now.

Cold enough to actually *need* the top quilt on the bed, rather than it just looking pretty.

Cold enough to crave hot soup.

Cold enough for the little brids to come looking for food and water.

Cold enough to see your breath outside.

Cold enough to turn the stove up first thing and keep it there.

Cold enough to start thinking about bringing in logs soon and lighting the woodburner.

Cold enough to be delighted to find 4 forgotten crochet blankets in the chest of drawers on the landing - they only need their tails sewn in, then will come downstairs for the winter.

Cold enough to wear socks indoors - has to be pretty damn cold for *me* to do that!

Cold enough to think that maybe, just maybe we will get a winter cold enough to allow me to wear some of the things I've knitted over the past year!

Cold enough for topping up the animals' bedding every day to make sure they are warm and snug at night.

Cold enough to need to shut the windows after an hour instead of having them open all day.

Cold enough to have thoughts turning to hot toddies rahter than "on the rocks" :)

Winter has arrived.


WottaWally said...

Had to chuckle at that - especially the bit about wearing socks!!! It MUST be cold

karen said...

I hadn't realised just how cold it had got until I went on a sponsored walk with my son's pre school. We were only out for about an hour and a half but by the time we got back my wrists were sore with the morning cold.
I think it's time to get out the winter coats.