Friday, 18 December 2009

Making the cards

One of my favourite parts of the Christmas preparations is making the cards; I usually do a whole run of one design, but this year I had lots of very lovely bits and bpieces to use up, so made a varied selection. 102 I counted, I think! I spent a happy couple of hours at the kitchen table, taking my time, warmed by the Rayburn and a big mug of hot fruity cordial. I'll get them written this afternoon, ready for posting tomorrow; a bit later than usual, but that's only to be expected. I'm already planning next year's

This one is a bit of fun - not my idea, but I got it from the wonderful, and I borrowed his idea, but made them pink! It makes me smile just to look at them!


thesnailgarden said...

I love your reindeer's pose, very Saturday Night Fever. Best wishes, Pj x

MoominMamma said...

Lovely cards :)
Thank you for the link, looks like a very interesting site - great for inspiration.
Have a lovely and cosy evening xx

Vivianne said...

Tell us more about the fruity cordial ? :-)

Tea with Willow said...

Lovely idea - I'm sure people will really appreciate your cards. I was thinking I might even start some napkins for gifts for next year (but I'm probably not that organised!!).

Willow x

aromatic said...

They look delightful and how clever you are... wish I could be more creative... nothing nicer than a home-made card!!
Love Jane xxx

MrsL said...

Vivianne - the fruity cordial is a bought one, by the Bottle Green company, called Spiced Berry. They do a lovely one with ginger and lemon grass too which is nice hot.

Thanks for the card comments :) I need to get a bit more organised for next eyar, and have a couple of longersessions, so I have a good stack ready for birthdays and other occasions throughout the year. It's a lovely way to spend an afternoon.