Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sea glass jewellery

I've had a small collection of sea glass for some time, always with the intention of making it into jewellery of some sort; yesterday appeared to be the day for that to happen! I had the wire and earring wires/spirals "in stock" so had everything to hand, although I do need to get a fine chain or similar for the pendant. After wrapping the glass, a tiny blob of glue on the back just added extra security. I'm very pleased with the results, more or less exactly as I wanted them.
To make my own jewellery from found objects - that's quite a thing. :)


aromatic said...

Well done! They look beautiful!!
Love Jane xxx

A Country Girl said...

Thats a great idea - I have a huge collection of sea glass so always on the lookout for ideas for it.

MoominMamma said...

What a clever idea! They look great.

I made your ice cream MrsL, it is fabulous, thanks so much for posting the recipe we'll definitely be using it again.

Eileen said...

Beautiful Mrs. L.!!! It never occurred to me to make earrings out of the sea glass I collect -I just love the colours!!!

thesnailgarden said...

Lovely MrsL. Your white glass necklace is very similar to one that I have made. best wishes, Pj x