Wednesday, 14 April 2010

You could sell that !!!

Well, yes, you're quite right, I could; but I'm not going to. LOL
Over the years, I've had that sentence thrown at me more times than I care to remember. A lot of the things I do are creative and produce an end product - knitting, gardening, cards, painting, sewing, flowers, eggs, etc. On occasion, I've sold some stuff, but then it starts getting out of hand a bit - people always want more, or something slightly different, then the pressure is on. I've often ended up doing not what I want because someone has asked for something. I don't like compromising my ideals and ethics, ways or working and reasons for doing so.
So - I don't, any more.
I sell surplus eggs, or preferably barter for them, or just give them away when I have a lot extra. A woman in the village used to phone me up fairly often and "order two dozen for Friday, please" - well, not really. The concept of surplus was completely missed, let alone the fact my hens don't lay to order! Next it was FIL and runner beans. I don't grow many because I'd rather have climbing French beans, but he had this idea to turn over about quarter of the garden for runner beans and sell them on the table at the gate and to the pub over the road. Again,; everyone has runner beans in the summer, the pub would want phenomenal amounts, pressure to provide , so, again, no.
W.I. craft stall - a good idea, yes, but if your items don't sell, you're stuck with them, and the prices put on them certainly don't reflect the work involved, so,no.
I don't mind making or growing the odd thing here and there for some folk, but I'm very choosy now, and finding it easier to say no when I mean no!
Having to work to someone else's instructions takes a lot of the pleasure and creativity out of what I do
and the monetary returns rarely compensate for the time, effort, deadlines, etc that inevitably loom.
I'm happier cooking, growing and baking for our own use and sharing around the suprplus if there is any left. Sharing makes me happier these days, it's good for the soul.
I really don't need any more hassle than that.


Spirit of Old said...

Here, here!

Mrs M said...

A little exchange and barter goes well around here. I swop veg or jam or whatever for eggs. Plants and surplus seedlings, plantlets etc are regularly exchanged. Just completed an excellent swop of pulmonaria for small hellebores. Once the veggies start there is major swopping going.

diane said...

I truly enjoy your blog and been meaning to let you know for quite some time. I love to sew, bake, and do a little raised bed garden with herbs, flowers, and a few vegetable. I love to make gifts for friends and family at my own pace. I sometimes have someone wanting to place orders and I have to say I have a long list ahead of them, what I don't say is that is my own list.
Thanks . . .

Marian said...

Completely agree. I've had the same experience and you end up sweating buckets that the item won't be right or as expected. It's easier to give away surplus and get something nice occassionally back.

Quilting Cat said...

Oh what ture words. Like you, I used to sell our surplus eggs and sometime we where short so orders could be fulfilled. I swap marmalade and plants for all sorts of favours and everyone seems happy, still only thinking about more hens, for family eggs only.

MrsL said...

Thanks all! Not just me, then; sometimes you feel like a voice of sense in the wilderness don't you?lol

Thankyou Diane :)



Stella said...

I agree with you entirely. Swapping is great and my knitting/sewing projects are either for gifts or for charity. Who wants the hassle of selling?