Sunday, 9 May 2010

Davidia involucrata - handkerchief tree

This is one tree I've hankered after for about 20 or so years; I've only ever seen one in situ, at The Garden House in Devon, I think, when it was in full "bloom". Davidia involucrata's other name is handkerchief tree, due to the pendulous white bracts which appear in May. A year + or so back, I was lucky enough to find one in the local garden centre; not only did they have the tree, it was reduced from 40 to 10 pounds. Up until about three weeks ago, it spent its time here in a pot, awaiting a space. My catalpa bignoides sadly didn't get through the winter, so that was hoiked out and the davidia put in its place.
How thrilled was I the other day to find the first white bracts appearing? You really have no idea, but the wait was so worth while. At the moment, it is only small, with a grand total of three pairs of bracts on, but this bodes well for the future.
Thrilled to bits.

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