Thursday, 3 June 2010

Homity pie

This is one I make fairly regularly; we all love it, it's quick, easy and cheap, and you can add little bits of leftovers to it, make extra pastry at the same time for something else, make two or more for freezing as it freezes well too.
I make mine in a metal spnge cake tin - it's best for cooking the pastry thoroughly on the bottom - nothing worse than a soggy bottom lol - and it's easy to remove from the tin as it has a loose base.

6 oz pastry (3 oz each white and wholemeal, 4oz butter, 1 egg, water to mix)
3 -4 large potatoes, boiled
2 medium onions, chopped or sliced and fried
1/2 pint very thick cheese sauce

Set your oven to hot, so the pastry will cook quickly, evenly and come out crispy. Make pastry, and roll out half to line the tin; combine sauce with potatoes and onions - I do this while it's still hot/warm. so a speedy dish to make as it's then only the pastry that needs to be cooked. Pile into the pastry shell, dampena round edges with cold water and roll out rest of pastry to make lid. Add holes to allow steam to escape (ensures the top won't be soggy on the underside), and into the oven until nicely browned. Leave to cool a little before serving, nice with roast potatoes and a green vegetable. Also good cold.
You can add all sorts of vegetalbe leftovers into the sauce - mushrooms, cooked vegetables, cooked carrots, boiled eggs, etc.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

That sounds pretty good, I always have leftover something by the end of the week, normally it ends up in a soup, but this might make a nice change! Oh and I'm with you on the soggy bottom! Nuffink worse! ;-D

Rowan said...

I must have a go at this when my wrist is better, I've never made it but have eaten them from the deli in Bakewell where they add herbs to the mixture - sage and thyme I think. theirs have an open top too. Really good autumn and winter meal I think.

janemiss said...

hi, do you slice the potatoes before adding them to the onions & cheese mix? must have a go at this just my type of pie as i dont eat meat so somthing a bit different.

MrsL said...

Slice or sort of chop roughly, janemiss, as they come sort of thing!


janemiss said...

Thanks for that, going to have a go tomorrow, i bet its also nice cold with a nice glass of beer on a sunny day