Thursday, 1 July 2010


During the week I eat breakfast alone, usually in the kitchen, sometimes out in the garden. I like my solitary breakfasts, they give me a good start to the day. Occasionally I'll have just coffee or tea, but I usually have something to eat. I have definite favourites, and am not one for cereals, apart from the odd bowl of cornflakes with very cold milk.
This morning I had one of my favourites, hot buttered cinnamon and raisin bagel with strong coffee.
Other favourite breakfasts: boiled egg (hardish boiled) with toast; homemade bread toasted; smoked salmon and scrambled eggs; egg, milk and honey whisked up together; fresh fruit; Yeo Valley natural yoghurt and fresh blueberries;full English breakfast; eggs and black pudding...........
At the weekends we tend to have poached eggs on Saturday and fried breakfast of osme persuasion on Sundays.
My best ever breakfast was in Paris, back in 1980 - I've never forgotten it - fresh, warm baguette with the freshest, sweetest butter and huge bowls of the best coffee I've ever drunk. I've tried to replicate it several times, but never come close; maybe it's better it stays as a memory :)

What about you, what do you have?


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I'm not really a breakfast person even though it's the most important meal of the day. Generally it's a cup of coffee or tea, sometimes cereal, like porridge. Sometimes toasted hime made bread with some homemade jam. At the weekends as we are usually busy we stop mid morning and have brunch which is usually a big fry up! Sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beans or tomatoes. with Toast and lashing of hot tea! Sets us up for the rest of the day.

janemiss said...

Tea, tea and more tea. I cant face anything other than that till around lunch time, then its technically not breakfast then anyway. I do smalls breakfast everyday, usually weetabix or toast sometimes porridge but their fave is frankfurters from jars (i know they arent very good for you) but smalls love em, with tomato sauce.
The only time i seem to eat breakfast is when we go away to the coast, then i h=usually have beans on toast, yogurt and a bit of fresh fruit (in the B&B) or if we go out just usually poached egg or beans on toast from a cafe.

Carolemc said...

I always have breakfast - only once ever did not and I felt ill all day - normally toast with scrambled egg, home made bread with baked beans or fried tomatoes etc.

Sometimes have a veggie fry up at the weekend.

karen said...

I'm laughing to myself here about the frequency of the word "egg". Your girls are obviously laying as much as mine are. I've got them coming out of my ears lol.

Hope you are well