Sunday, 11 July 2010

Inside out.............

One of the joys of good weather, and summer in general is being able to take jobs outside and do them, either in the sun or in the shade, but out in the fresh air anyway. Jobs seem to take on their own leisurely pace - maybe it's because you're not indoors seeing everything else that needs doing as well lol.
Yesterday I sorted a rather nice fleece for spinning, a Cheviot x, got from a local country show; I chose the sheep and she was shorn in front of me - cost - one British pound. The wool is rather nice, very soft and a good creamy colour.
This morning's job was strigging blackcurrants under the parasol at the garden table - spent an hour doing that, watching butterflies and listening to the birds and bees - the occasional quack, cluck and bleat thrown in for good measure...........:))


Anonymous said...

How much yarn will you get from one fleece do you was great value!
Saw the spare, spare teapot..well done lol

Anonymous said...

That was me, Sue Caissy btw lol I forgot to sign!!!