Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What makes women happy

- no, I don't know all the answers lol It's the title of a book I've just read by Fay Weldon, and can thoroughly recommend it on lots of levels. I'm hoping to find her biography, Auto da Fay in the library to borrow.
I remember watching Lives and Loves of a She Devil on television - anyone else watch it?


Carolemc said...

Hi Sarah,

Yes I watched the She Devil on tv - very enjoyable! I've just finished two novels - Freedom by Jonathan Franzen which I would highly recommend - as a book to really get your teeth into, and detailing the total mess other people get their lives into, which is very comforting.

.. the second was The small hand, a ghost story by Susan Hill....which was ideal light reading for the train.

Hope all is well with you,

Compostwoman said...

I remember watching this on TV many years ago.

It had a very tall lady called Julia T ( something) playing the lead role?