Friday, 7 January 2011

Early mornings

I couldn't sleep this morning, so got up just after 5am; cups of tea and some work on the forum, Scrabble, etc kept me busy. I find my mind much clearer first thing, and any problems or worries from last night seem to recede and become surmountable. A night's sleep works wonders, and I'm lucky (in a way) that I can do on 4 - 5 hours or so most nights. My bedtime varies, not being a creature of habit lol
I sit hear listening to that sound that is unique to almost being able to hear the radio but not quite - unique to early mornings when the radio is in another room; the traffice is beginning outside - tractors and lorries (albeit few) at this time of day, it's still pitch black outdoors and raining. Mentally planning my day too, although the freshness of morning may make me a bit optimistic on that front lol
So - you? Early bird or not?


Me said...

it is good to hear you sounding optomistic ((h))

i never used to be one for early mornings, even this time last year.perhaps it comes with age, as now i find myself up before seven even on these cold dark mornings, besides it gives extra time to get blogs and forums done over a cupof tea before tackling the house :)

Carolemc said...

Yes, I'm definitely an early bird. During the week I get up at 5.45am so that I've got time to get washed, dressed, breakfasted and tend the hens (down at the allotments) before I catch the 7.10 train to work. Even while I was on holiday I got up at 8am.

At weekends we like to get out early with the dog...and often feel its the best part of the day. So peaceful.

thesnailgarden said...

I never used to be an early bird, but seem to get up earlier nowadays, although not before 6:30! I love the peacefulness of the house when everyone else is asleep. Unlike you I still need my 8 hours of sleep.
Best wishes, Pj x

ScentFoodLove said...

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