Friday, 18 March 2011

Unicycles and roses, curlews and foraging

Life is full of interest and surprises, isn't it?
I managed to bring one of my old English roses with me - William Lobb, and old English moss rose; he is plated in a sunny spot in my new garden and seems to be quite happy there. I have put in some other bits I brought with me/had posted up, so have sweet violets, snowdrops, my precious oxlips, primrose, cowslip, pulmonaria, and a big strong comfrey plant to start off the home made plant-food production here. The veg plot is being dug over by OH, and looking good - the soil looks really lovely - very dark, and has obviously been cultivated for a good part of the several hundred years - the house I believe dates from the late 17 hundreds. I've started basil, tomatoes and chillies indoors, sorted my seeds and am ready to get sowing soon - the weather makes it, in my estimation, about 3 weeks later than Dorset up here, but no matter, all part of life's learning curve.

I was walking past a shop this afternoon on the way here, and a poster caught my eye, I stopped to read it and it was describing a circus event that is going to be happening shortly. The door to the shop opened and out came a lad on a unicycle - not sure if he was to actually do with the said circus or not, but he jumped on and whizzed off down the pavement - very impressive lol

Last Sunday, we went out for a drive just into the Dales National Park, and were rewarded with a wonderful sighting of a large curlew just sat on a rock, quite close to the road in a field we apssed - we got a good study of him for about 5 minutes before he ambled off; we saw oyster catchers, mallard, gulls and a lone peewit (lapwing) too, and a very beautiful pair of Grey Lag geese.
I read in the local paper this morning of plans to plant young native trees along a new cycle/footpath way further down the town towards the river. Great news, especially as rowans and hazels are among them - thoughts of future foraging to the fore lol


Rowan said...

Sounds as though you are settling in nicely in your new home, so glad that all is going well for you. Your house and soil both sound wonderful - I'm very envious!

Campfire said...

What a a lovely place to be living in and I hope you settle down really well.

I have tried to get on CL site and it won't let me on! Have you given it up or has it changed names?

Recently I've not been on much as I've been busy so don't know if I've missed anything.

Enjoy Yorkshire.

Ali said...

Was wondering what had happened to CL too Campfire, it just seems to have disappeared today, hopefully a temporary glitch.