Friday, 1 July 2011

A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse

The latest book from Elisabeth  Luard; I'm a great fan of hers, she's up there with Elizabeth David for me, as a cookery writer.
With the price of books these days, my  trick is to request a book I fancy from the library - try before you buy sort of thing. Requests are free here in Dorset, and often they will  buy new books in if requested - I was lucky they did so for this one - the first date stamp in the front is my own. I can sit in the kitchen and request them online, and they arrive almost to my door on the mobile library van a few days later.
It's a beautiful book, taking the Cook's Year month by month. Good, honest plain and informative writing, no ott flowery language and nonsense, truly seasonal recipes where you could taste the season in the cooking - very important for me.
Beautifully illustrated with photographs and her own watercolours, the recipes are straighforward and uncomplicated, some traditional, some new to me, but easy to follow.
I'm looking forward to trying her Welsh cakes recipe and her cranberry vinegar cordial, her baked beans with parsley, garlic and lemon, her new potatoes with almond and saffron...............
Highly recommended (as in yes, I'll probably buy it.............. lol)

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Sue said...

it does sound wonderful, S, as do the chooks...

Sue xxx