Friday, 5 August 2011

Another path..........

This really struck a chord with me:

There is a life to live without money that is defined by impoverishment, a lack of safety, and potential violence. On the other hand, even with low funds, there is another path thatis surrounded by abundance and community:
'That's the path I want...... Money is just, I think if you have a good relationship with it, it's fine. But my security is not lying in a big stack of cash (You can have a good relationship with money) if it doesn't worry you and..... you're not afriad to receive it, not afraid to let it go. Not afraid to give it away.... You can definitely be mindful about how you use it, but I think that once you let it damage your emotional and spiritual body, once you start letting it take over your life....... I just couldn't imagine how horrible that would be, and you see so many people caught up in it. It's this wicked game that distracts us from being real and being human and from interacting with each other, sharing.'

Stormy McGovern, from Radical Homemaking (Shannon Hayes)

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Sue xx said...

Being poor can be a frame of mind...some-one somewhere is quoted as saying, "I may have been broke many times but I've never been poor".

Good post