Thursday, 18 August 2011


Crochet throw finished for Pocaid, now listed

 and a new batch of soap on its way up to the airing cupboard for curing. Spent the afternoon knitting when a friend appeared, so much tea and talk to accompany it!


Hardup Hester said...

I love the stuff you are making & selling, I'm working on a crochet throw in shades of green.
I didn't think you could sell via blogger, not that I'm thinking of competeing, lol, I'm far too slow at making stuff.

MrsL said...

I don't think they said I couldn't lol, so am going for it. I've tried free websites int he past, but they've all been pretty clunky and slow, stopped working, etc. I'm sure they'll soon tell me if I can't do it lol

Hardup Hester said...

Lol, fair enough, sounds like a good plan to me.