Monday, 8 August 2011


We spent a few hours down on Portland yesterday; weather was perfect for a visit to the shore - bright and sunny, not to warm due to a good stiff breeze. I spent an hour or so sitting on a rock just looking out over the sea. A special place.
The iconic Portland Bill lighthouse, right 'on the end'

Imagine living in one of these wee cottages; would love that, especially in the winter.

Had a good pint of Ringwood bitter here.....................

This little collection of ramshackle building held boating equipment and fishing gear and things. Imagine if this were a house, looking out over the sea like that.............. little piece of heaven............

There was time aplenty to sit and watch this container ship travel from one side of the scene right to the other and out fo sight, possibly en route to Ireland........... we were trying to guess what it was carrying, could have been anything..........

Always time for a bit of alfresco crochet !

Wonderful time

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Leanne said...

A day later we were on the beach further along, and were looking across the shore to Portland lighthouse! Ive just popped my pics up on my blog, came here and saw your post too! Its a beautiful piece of cast, isnt it? :-)

Leanne x